Low cost China made 800*800 marble ceramic building materials, can be used for floor and wall

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Negative ion whole-body marble tile is a whole-body marble tile that can generate negative oxygen ions. In the prior art, the realization of negative ion ceramic tiles is made by introducing negative ion additives into the whole-body embryo or glaze layer to manufacture and sinter. When the negative ion tile is in contact with the air, it can form negatively charged air with an optimized release number of negative ions, which is green and safe. Therefore, the negative ion full-body marble tile is a negative ion tile that is very beneficial to the health of the human living environment.
Dimensions 400x800 800x800 600x1200 750x1500 900x1800
Thickness 9mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm
Color White, grey, black White, grey, black White, grey, black White, grey, black White, grey, black
Water-absorb ratio 0.5% 0. 2% 0. 2% 0. 2% 0. 2%
Material Ceramic bottom and glazed surface Ceramic bottom and glazed surface Ceramic bottom and glazed surface Ceramic bottom and glazed surface Ceramic bottom and glazed surface
Packing Solution 6 pcs/bag, 35KG 3 pcs/bag, 45KG 2 pcs/bag, 35KG 2 pcs/bag, 53KG 1 pc/bag, 41KG
Location of Usage Wall and floor Wall and floor Wall and floor Wall and floor Wall and floor
Minimum Order 1x20GP ISO container 1x20GP ISO container 1x20GP ISO container 1x20GP ISO container 1x20GP ISO container
We are a Chinese module house manufacturer & supplier, Welcome to contact us at any time!The company is aiming to serve international buyers with various services over import and export business including but not limited to design, production, global procurement, supply chain management, logistics, overseas installation, etc. Our scope of supply includes modular houses, furniture, electrical appliance, sanitary wares, construction materials as well as other cargoes involved in the industry and commerce.1.Release negative ions After the natural minerals in the negative ion tile encountered water molecules in the air, the accumulated trace charge ionizes the water into negative ions and hydrogen ions. 2.Decompose harmful gases The negative ions released by negative ion tiles can decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde and toluene released by indoor furniture, floors, paints, and other building materials through the redox reaction of electrons. Negative ions can decompose irritating gases such as ammonia gas, and at the same time use the adsorption effect of negative ions to make the dust in the air attract each other and become larger, from floating dust in the air to large particles of dust falling to the ground. 3.Famous stone texture The multi-channel high-definition inkjet technology is used to extract the texture of the top famous stone from abroad, and the marble texture with various shapes and styles is depicted on the brick surface. The imitation stone effect is high in fidelity, and the color is pure and delicate. 4.One stone with many faces One stone is multi-faceted, and the texture is smooth and natural. It gets rid of the application limitation caused by the single surface texture of the tile. The paving effect is as varied as the natural rough stone, with a strong sense of visual extension, which truly restores the overall application effect of natural stone. 5.Abrasion resistance The requirements for raw material control, brick formulation, kiln temperature control, and wear resistance are strict and demanding, and the products are firm and tough, and the Mohs hardness reaches the industry-leading level. Scraping back and forth on the surface of the tile with a hard object does not show scratches, and it is still as smooth as new, which shows its technical level value and remarkable performance of hardness and wear resistance. 6.Antifouling Using bright effect net technology combined with multiple precise overprinting technology, the natural crack effect of the stone shining under the light is vividly restored. Soy sauce, coffee and other dirt are written, wet, dripped on the brick, wait for five minutes, and then gently wipe with a towel, and there is no smudge on the brick surface. 7.Water absorption As a hard indicator for judging the quality of ceramic tiles, water absorption determines the length of its service life to a large extent. The negative ion whole body marble tile fully conforms to the national standard stipulated that the water absorption rate of tiles is ≤0.5%.

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