Modern Pattern Anti-slip Ceramic Tiles for Flooring and Wall Surface Kitchen Tiles and Bathroom Tiles

Modern rectangular and square wall tile and floor ceramic tiles with high quality and various pattern for selection in living room, kitchen, bathroom and big hall

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For ceramic tiles, we are capable to supply high quality tile with the different dimensions of 300mmx300mm, 300mmx600mm, 600mmx600mm, 800mmx800mm, etc. The tiles can be put on concrete flooring or wall surface for decoration. The advantage of our tiles include: 1. The surface of the full-glazed glazed tile is bright, the color is well-proportioned, the pattern is rich, and the design is very personalized. It can be used for various home decorations. 2. The pattern of the full polished glazed tile looks very delicate and unique, without roughness, and the pattern color is rich and varied. 3. Full polished glazed tile surface crystal wear-resistant glazed surface, can keep bright for a long time, no fading, more wear-resistant. 4. In the production process, the crystal wear-resistant glaze on the surface of the brick is used to close the molecules inside the tile, so that the inside and outside of the tile are completely isolated, and the water absorption rate is low, and the fading phenomenon will not occur under long-term use.



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