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2Roof TypeCorrugated roof, with central drainage system for water flow via 4 columns
Parameters3Foor Loading2.0KN/㎡
4Roof Loading0.5KN/㎡
5Wind Loading0.5KN/㎡
Frame6Corner ColumnSize: L210*150mm, galvanized plate, t=2.5mm, steel profile SGH340
7Roof Main BeamSize: 185mm, galvanized plate, t=2.5mm, steel profile SGH340
8Floor Main BeamSize: 160mm, galvanized plate, t=2.5mm, steel profile SGH340
9Roof Second BeamSize: Square tube C60*60*1.5mm, steel profile Q235B
10Floor Second BeamSize:zigzag 121,t=1.0mm;steel profile Q345;
11CoatingPowder coating, coating thickness 80μm
Roof Decoration12Roof Sheet0.5mm thickness, galvalume sheet, white color
13Insulation75mm thickness glass wool, one surface with aluminum film, density≥14kg/m³
CeilingCeiling0.35mm thickness, galvalume sheet, white colorFloor Decoration
15Normal room18mm thickness cement board,1.6mm thick rubber flooring sheet.
16Roof platform25mm thickness Wood plastic floor.
Wall panel17Thickness

50mm thickness rock wool sandwich board

The outer plate 0.35mm thickness, galvalume sheet, gray and PE coating.The inner plate 0.35mm thickness, galvalume sheet, gray and PE coating.

18sunshade50mm thickness rock wool sandwich board and hydraulic rod
19nsulationRock wool with density 80kg/m³
Door20Entrance doorW840*H2035,High-end steel doors
Supporting facilities21StairsSteel stairs, Square tube guardrail or glass guardrail
electrical system22voltage220V~250V
23WireMain circuit BVVB-3*6.0, air conditioning BVVB-3*4.0, socket BVVB-3*2.5, lighting BVVB-3*1.5
24Power Distribution Box10 position concealed PVC distribution box*1 (including one set of each high breaking circuit breaker 10A/1P, high breaking circuit breaker 20A/2P, high breaking circuit breaker 25A/2P, and leakage protection circuit breaker 16A/2P)
25LightingLED strip lamp (LED 16.5W*2)*2
26socketIndustrial socket (3P/32A) *1, five hole socket (250V 10A) *3, three hole socket (250V 16A) *1, one position switch*1
accessories27Wall internal corner0.5mm color steel plate folding piece, wood grain color
28Ground Channel0.7mm color steel plate folding piece, white color
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