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Integrated 40ft modern luxury Innovative pre-fabricated structural framing tiny A-frame building cabin kit homes

Product Description

Packaged Triangle Shape House Specification
Roof TypePitched roof with natural drainage system.
Number of FloorsOne floor
ParametersDesigning Life-Span20years
Foor Loading2.0KN/㎡
Roof Loading0.5KN/㎡
Wind Loading0.45KN/㎡
Snow Loading0.5KN/㎡
Roof FrameRoof Main BeamSize: 100*100*3mm, galvanized square steel pipe, t=3.0mm, steel profile Q235B
Roof PurlinSize: 80*40*1.5mm, galvanized C-shape steel, t=1.5mm, steel profile Q235B
Floor FrameFloor Main BeamSize: 120*120*3mm, galvanized square steel pipe, t=3.0mm, steel profile Q235B
Floor PurlinSize: 100*50*1.5mm, galvanized square steel pipe, t=1.5mm, steel profile Q235B
Wall FrameWall ColumnSize: 100*100*3mm, galvanized square steel pipe, t=3mm, steel profile Q235B
Wall PurlinSize: 80*40*1.5mm, galvanized C-shape steel, t=1.5mm, steel profile Q235B
Roof (Wall) DecorationMetal Carved Board (External)50mm thickness(including insulation), brick gray color, standard brick grain.
steel board0.5mm thick steel plate, painted brick grey
Moisture-proof Breathing Paper0.5mm thickness
OSB Board (Internal)9mm thickness,E1 level environmental protection
Bamboo and Wood Fiber Board (Interior Finish)9mm thickness with yellow wood grain color,E1 level environmental protection
Floor DecorationFloor Moisture-proof PadPearl cotton double core aluminum film moisture-proof film
Cement Board18mm thickness
PVC Carpet2mm thickness
Internal PartitionStructureSize: 50*50*1.5mm, galvanized square steel pipe, t=1.5mm, 30*50*1mm, galvanized square steel pipe, t=1mm(purlin)
Surface Decoration19mmOSB board+9mm thickness bamboo and wood fiber board (yellow wood grain color)
Surface Decoration29mmOSB board+9mm thickness bamboo and stone plastic board (yellow wood grain color)
Front WallBroken Bridge Aluminum Panoramic Glass WindowsAluminum alloy frame,5+12+5 coated tempered glass;
Back WallGrille50*50*1 mm Wood grain lacquer square pipe;
Floor25*25 mm Wood-plastic composite board
Door and WindowAluminum alloy door and windowawning-out window:600*700,600*500 with screen windowFixed Window:1300*2150mm
Al-mg alloy door800*2000mm
Sliding Door800*2000mm
Interior DecorationBathroomWhite toilet (with tank), integral-bathroom base (with shower curtain,shower rod), shower mixer
BasinSize: 600*500mm, ceramic washbasin, with mirror cabinet
Hardware AccessoriesTowel rack,paper holder, soap holder
CupboardSize: 1960mm*600mm, marble countertop, with stainless steel wash basin
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