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K Type Two Story Living House Office Prefabricated K House For Labour Camp Accommodation

Product Description

K Type multi-storey house is a cost-effective prefab house, mainly designed for construction site accommodation and office. It is widely used in Asian countries, including China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

Features & Advantages:

1 . Module: Width and length can be extended by times of 1820mm modular. Flexible design.

2 . Fast Installation: Components are standard and fabricated in factory, less site works, quick and easy installation. Eight skilled workers can finish 100 m2 in 8 hours.

3 . Reusable: Structures are connected by bolts & nuts, panels plug into channels, house can be knocked down for many times

4 . Multi-storey: Can be one, two and three storey.

5 . Loading: One 40HQ container can load about 250m2 without raised floor , or 200m2 with elevated floor.

6 . Parameters: Wind load: 0.45KN/m2, Anti-seismic:7, Service life:5~10years.

Disassemble Availability

All structures include raised steel flooring system are connected by bolts & nuts, panels flexible plug into channels, the house can be assemble and disassemble for 5-10 times.

When one project job is finished, house can be relocated to other site.


1SpecificationlengthNM+160(N=4,5,6... M is modular, 1M=1820mm)
2WidthNM+160(N=2,3,4,M is modular,1M=1820mm)
3Wall Height5720mm
4Clear HeightGround floor:2425mm First floor:2685mm
6StandardAccessoryWall Board50mm thick EPS sandwich panel, steel sheet onboth sides is 0.25mm, the density of EPS is10KG/M3.Outside wall panel: with steel strip, for convenientinstallation between panels.Partition wall panel: without steel strip, because thewall connection is tongue and groove.
7Roof Board50mm thick corrugated EPS sandwich panel. Steelsheet on exterior surface is 0.25mm in thickness,oninterior surface is 0.25mm in thickness. The densityof EPS is 10KG/M3.
8DoorSIP with steel frame which was premade in CDPHplant, single door with dimensions of 960*2028mm,furnished with a cylinder lock with 3keys. The steelsheet on both sides is 0.3mm thick and theinsulation is 50mm thick EPS foam.
9WindowPVC sliding window, 1735*932mm/1735*482mm.The window frame proximate matter is 80mm(width) series, two bays sliding, with 4mm thickglass, supplied with mosquito-proof net and doorlock.
10Base BeamC80*40*13.5*1.8mm, hot dip galvanized structure.
11ColumnDouble C80 style steel, C80*40*13.5*1.8mm,Galvanized structure
12Floor BeamParallel truss, C80*40*13.5*1.8mm, galvanizedstructure.
13Floor PurlinGable truss, C60*40*9*1.4mm, hot galvanizedstructure.
14Roof BeamGable truss, C60*40*9*1.4mm, galvanizedstructure.
15Roof PurlinGable truss, C60*40*9*1.4mm, hot galvanizedstructure.
16Inclined Bracinground steel, 7.2,galvanized
17StairSteel stair, 1100mm wide.
18TreadSliding-proof steel board 2.5mm in thickness,galvanized structure
19Walkway BracketC80*40*13.5*1.8mm, galvanized structure
20Awning BracketC60*40*9*1.4mm, galvanized structure
21Floor Stab15mm plywood
22OptionFalse CeilingWaterproof gypsum board or others
23Decorative FloorPVC, laminated wood floor or ceramic tile(forground floor only)
24Drainage SystemProvided plan, design and construction solution
25Electric SystemProvided plan, design and construction solution
26TechnicalParameterRoof Bearing Load50kg/㎡
27Floor Bearing Load200kg/㎡
28Wind Resistance:100KM/H
29Fire-proofThe EPS contains fire retardant. B2 grade
30ResistantTemperature-10℃ to 40℃
31The Resistant 7 degree seismic intensityEarthquake Grade
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