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Prefabricated Metal Office Space Warehouse Steel Building Kits

Product Description

● Safety Structure

Light steel frame system, safe and reliable, satisfying the design requirement of Technical Specification for Construction Scene Tabernacle of Building Engineering (Light Steel Structure Part), the beam and purlin are composed of thin-wall light weight steel.

● Thermal Protection and Insulation

Structure cladding material adopt glass wool sandwich panel (75mm thick panel with both sides 0.4mm metal sheet, glass wool density 55KG/m3) which is fire-proof and good in efficient thermal protection and insulation. The panel thickness can be 50mm, 75mm, 100mm or 150mm.

● Anti-rust and Sealing Property

The surface of steel frame is hot dip galvanized that the structure itself is rust-proof. Metal sheet of sandwich panel adopts aluminized zinc property that can suit salty and humid area. The panel connection adopts tongue and groove profile that one panel can be inserted into another panel to avoid gaps among the wall surfaces, which is good seal, moisture-proof and antisepticise.

● Flexible Design

The flexible arrangement of ZM steel framework can satisfy customers’ various request for room size and the location of partition walls as well as internal room facilities.

● Concrete Foundation

For ZM type building, commonly there are two types of foundation, concrete strip foundation or solid flat pad concrete foundation, and both of them have the following requirements:

a. The cement code should be not lower than C25.

b. Indoor floor should be at least 0.2m higher than outdoor floor.

c. Foundation bearing capacity should be no less than 10tons/m2

d. Planeness tolerance of foundation should be no more than 5mm.

We can provide foundation plan for customer’s reference and customer shall be responsible for the local civil works.

● Fast Installation

All the components can be joined by screw and no welding works required. Ten skilled labors can complete 1000sqm ZM steel framework (excluding concrete foundation, accessory etc.) in 15 days with simple installation tools. To promote the efficiency, we can dispatch supervisor to help clients install the building at the jobsite.


1Dimension/specificationLength:Designing according to requirement, no limited
2Width:Should be no more than 18m
3Eaves height:Should be no more than 7m
4Post2-M300 style, T=3.0mm,material is Q345
5Roof beam2-M300 style, T=3.0mm,material is Q345
6PurlinC170 style, T=2.3mm,material is Q235
7Wall beamC170 style, T=2.3mm,material is Q235
Wall boardRock wool sandwich panel, designing according to requirement,recommend thickness:50mm, 75mm,100mm,150mmMetal sheet: recommend thickness:0.3, 0.4mm,0.5mm
9Roof boardRock wool corrugated sandwich panel, designing according to requirement,recommend thickness:50mm, 75mm,100mm,150mmMetal sheet: recommend thickness:0.3, 0.4mm,0.5mm
10DoorMetal door or color steel sandwich panel door
11WindowPVC sliding window, single glazed 0.4mm in thickness
12OptionCeilingMineral wool acoustic tile, water-proof gypsum board tile etc.
13Water plumbingSupply planning, designing and technical service
14ElectricChina standard, 220V, 50HZ. Supply planning, designing and technical service
15Roof loadingLess than 50kg/㎡(Design according to local weather condition)
16Wind resistance100km/h (Design according to local weather condition)
17StructureEarthquake-resistance7 degree
18Live span20 years
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