Polished Whole Body Porcelain Floor & Wall Tiles Made in China

Polished Whole Body Porcelain Floor & Wall Tiles Made in China, we can easily source high-quality solutions along with the pretty aggressive price. Now we have a team of dedicated trained experienced who take care the quality and timely supply. If you are looking for Good Quality at a good price and timely delivery. Do contact us.

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Polished tile is a kind of bright tile made by grinding the surface of the whole-body tile. Compared with the whole-body tile, the surface of the polished tile is much smoother. Polished tiles are hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in indoor spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Based on the use of infiltration technology, polished tiles can make various imitation stone and wood imitation effects.
Dimensions 600mmX600mm 800mmX800mm
Thickness 9mm 10mm
Color White, Yellow White, Yellow
Water-absorb ratio <0.5% <0.5%
Material Ceramic surface Ceramic surface
Packing Solution 4 pcs/bag, 28KG 3 pcs/bag, 42KG
Location of Usage Wall and floor Wall and floor
Minimum Order 1x20GP ISO container 1x20GP ISO container
We are a modular house, tile, stone and wire supplier in China, please feel free to contact us!The company is aiming to serve international buyers with various services over import and export business including but not limited to design, production, global procurement, supply chain management, logistics, overseas installation, etc. Our scope of supply includes modular houses, furniture, electrical appliance, sanitary wares, construction materials as well as other cargoes involved in the industry and commerce.1.Safer and Greener Inkjet polished tiles have finer selection of raw materials and higher requirements, and continue the stable polishing tile production process for many years, and the products produced are safer and more environmentally friendly. 2.The specifications are more regular and the flatness is better Inheriting the advantages of stable production process, in the production process, the specifications are regular, especially the ink on the surface can penetrate into the body of the embryo, and it will not be affected during the surface polishing process, so the overall flatness is better than full-polishing products such as glaze. 3.Good hardness, more wear-resistant Inkjet polished tiles continue the natural properties of ordinary polished tiles, the Mohs hardness is about 6, the product is more wear-resistant, and it is suitable for more places. 4.Uniform color and uniform effect Due to the large color difference of natural stone due to diagenesis time and different depths of rock layers, inkjet polished tiles are carefully formulated with new inks. The color of the same batch of products is consistent, the color difference is more controllable, and the true color is vividly displayed, which truly gives it the aesthetic soul of natural stone. 5.Products are harder and more resistant to bending Due to the natural formation of natural stone, the maturity time and weathering are different, resulting in different degrees of compactness and strength; inkjet polished tiles are pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic presses, and then sintered at high temperature above 1200 degrees Celsius, with high strength; good compactness and water absorption Low rate, good bending, cracking, and bending strength. 6.Easier to remove stains The inkjet polishing tile still uses a superfine powder cloth layer on the dense embryo body, and the super clean and bright technology is applied on the surface, so that the antifouling performance of the whole product is better and better.

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